Our story

We started Two—Spirits Gin from a professional curiosity to learn how to launch a product in an unfamiliar and over-crowded market. Over the course of nearly 2 years it became much more. It became a journey that taught us a lot about gin and the market, but it also brought us closer to ourselves than we had dared to dream of. It became a somewhat personal.

Searching for the essence of Two—Spirits led us to a search for the essence of our own lives. For us that means finding acceptance, kindness, and love for ourselves and those around us.

Human to human, if you take a moment to be with somebody, to understand their drive, their passion and also the pains they’re going through, you get to transform yourself. We believe that togetherness, nature, and flow help us become better and kinder human beings. We hope to inspire you on your own journey to acceptance, kindness and love, for yourself and each other.

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