The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life.

Schiedam Gin

Our story

We started Two—Spirits Gin from a professional curiosity to learn how to launch a product in an unfamiliar and over-crowded market. Over the course of nearly 2 years it became much more. It became a journey that taught us a lot about gin and the market, but it also brought us closer to ourselves than we had dared to dream of. It became a somewhat personal.

Our values


Nature is nourishment for our soul. It grounds us and gives us perspective.


Flow is freedom from within.  It’s an expression from the essence of our Self.


Togetherness is where we find the quality of life and where we let our identities, our values and ideas, flirt, merge and grow.

We believe the depth of your relationships define the quality of your life. With Two—Spirits we hope to inspire you to come together, open and vulnerable, to connect with kindred spirits. To share your journey regardless of background, gender, religion, or age.

Our Gin

The Gin

A welcoming gin with a friendly depth and a warm finish. Just like a good conversation. Two—Spirits gin has a unique and subtle mix of lavender, raspberry, orange, blueberry, cinnamon, and ginger. Every ingredient it contains has been personally picked to design a taste that we felt best reflected the flow of a good conversation with a good friend.

The Bottle

We designed the bottle with a minimalist and natural feel. It looks especially good at events or gatherings with friends. Once you finish the gin it will look great with a simple small flower, herb or twig in it.

Our inspiration

Everything we do at Two—Spirits is based on our values; Togetherness, flow, and nature. Through our values we hope to help bring people together to find kindness for each other and ourselves and to befriend this life we have.